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Where influencers and brands meet

Promoty is a platform that helps brands and agencies find the right influencers – and the other way around.

For creators
and influencers

→ 1.  Do collaborations with your favorite brands

On, Promoty, you can find collaboration offers from several brands. Pick the ones you like and work with the brands you love 🤍

→ 2.  Earn money with your social media

Promoty allows you to earn money with what you love the most: creating content.

Do collaborations with brands you love and earn money or free products. Moreover, you can tell how much do you charge for a collab!

For influencers, Promoty is 100% free of charge.

→  Download the app to get started:

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Promoty for brands and agencies

→ 1.  Find the right influencers
for your brand

On Promoty, influencers apply to work with you. This way, you can find influencers who are already fans of your brand 🤍

If you want to find influencers yourself, Influencer Discovery gives you access to a global database of influencers.

→ 2.  Save time on influencer marketing

Manage all your influencer marketing in one place: favorite influencers, ongoing campaigns, collaboration deals, and posted content.

Enjoy detailed insights about influencers, automated payouts, and campaign reports.

→ 3.  Get eye-catching visuals for your brand’s social media

Brands will get full social media rights for all the content. Moreover, content-only campaigns allow influencers to create original, unpublished visuals for brands’ social media.

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